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MECHANICAL LOW BACK ACHE: It occurs due to disc degeneration. History of first episode occurs during early 18s and 20s. develops due to lifting heavy objects and bending. Mostly affect L4-L5, L5-S1 having nerve root compression. MUSCLE STRAIN Muscle spasm occurs near the spine. Pain does not move to the legs. Often begins after lifting. The nature of the pain is sudden onset. OSTEOARTHRITIS Mostly common in elderly people, stressed and strained ones. Often pain in major joints and extremity joints, limited range of motion of the spine, morning pain and stiffness, improves on activity again worsens by more activity. There is absence of inflammatory symptoms. IVD HERNIATION Pain radiating in to legs/buttocks, difficulty in movement. Aggravated by sneezing or coughing, may or may not involve urinating difficulty. Often begins after lifting. NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE/ DEFICIT Symptoms include pain radiating to legs, inability to move legs, trouble moving legs, loss of sensation in extremities and bladder problems. SPINAL FRACTURE Severe persistant pain, and tenderness, often the result of back injury or fall. SPINAL STENOSIS Occurs after 55yrs. Intermittent and neurogenic claudication, unsteady walk, lower back pain that radiates into the thighs, often relieved by bending forward TREATMENT Include herbal decoction, vati, arishtas according to the nature of pain , prakriti, dosha of patient etc. panchakarma therapy include abhyanga, udwarthana, different types of pottali, kati vasti,matravasti, dhanyamaladhara, upanaham, lepanam etc

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